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hroberts wrote: Pollen Collection 
Our reception Forest Schoolers were lucky enough to witness a honey bee collecting pollen from our forest school flowers! A great learning opportunity. (More)
hroberts wrote: Cups and Plates
Reception demonstrating a range of skills in this fun game of cups and plates. A game that requires good agility, speed, balance and coordination. (More)
hroberts wrote: Boys Football
Another great win for Team Silas. The year 5 and 6 boys in action! (More)
Basketball club put all their learned skills to the test with a 5 v 5 game  (More)
hroberts wrote: Multiskills 
Parachute fun with Multiskills club  (More)
hroberts wrote: Clubercise 
The children had a fantastic time at this weeks after school clubercise. From dancing in the dark to dance battles and dance offs! (More)
hroberts wrote: Basketball Club 
A great session for this weeks basketball club. The children further developed their shooting, this time under more pressure. (More)
hroberts wrote: Maverick of the Week
Year 3 were challenged to recognise the importance of collaboration in team games. Their challenge was to pass the ball up the court to score in the opponents goal however, they could not run or move with the ball!  (More)
hroberts wrote: The Three Little Pigs
Reception and Year 1 acted out the story of the three little pigs. They had to create the houses and see which was the strongest! (More)
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