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pwilson wrote: Daily Mile
The class are really enjoying taking part in The Daily Mile every Tuesday and Thursday. (More)
snelson wrote: Sports Day 2017
Last week we enjoyed a fantastic sports day. Well done to Prince Tyrese who won all of his races.  (More)
snelson wrote: PE and Dance with LJMU
The children really enjoyed taking part in a physical development project with the local university.  (More)
hroberts wrote: Cups and Plates
Reception demonstrating a range of skills in this fun game of cups and plates. A game that requires good agility, speed, balance and coordination. (More)
hroberts wrote: Boys Football
Another great win for Team Silas. The year 5 and 6 boys in action! (More)
Basketball club put all their learned skills to the test with a 5 v 5 game  (More)
hroberts wrote: Multiskills 
Parachute fun with Multiskills club  (More)
hroberts wrote: Clubercise 
The children had a fantastic time at this weeks after school clubercise. From dancing in the dark to dance battles and dance offs! (More)
hroberts wrote: Basketball Club 
A great session for this weeks basketball club. The children further developed their shooting, this time under more pressure. (More)
hroberts wrote: Maverick of the Week
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