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rdean wrote: The Bog Baby
We have now started our final topic in Reception ' The bog Baby'.  We had think about what we thought about what he may look like.      We then made some of our own Bog Babies.           (More)
rdean wrote: Name Writing
Well done to these four children, who have all been trying really hard to write their names.    (More)
rdean wrote: Jewellery Designers
rdean wrote: Brilliant building
This week we have been developing our team working and physical skills in the construction area; we have worked very hard building houses for The Three Little Pigs.    Next Steps: Encourage children to record designs independently.  (More)
Can you use the cups to build a house for The Three Little Pigs?    (More)
rdean wrote: Fine motor skills
We have been developing our fine motor skills, by using a variety of tools at the workbench. Activities like this really help us to build up our muscles and improve our handwriting.     (More)
Today we have been busy designing and building our superheroes their own homes.       (More)
rdean wrote: Mini Superheroes
As part of Chatterbox Challenge week we have created mini superheroes, we are looking forward to taking our mini superheroes on lots of adventures his week.     (More)
Today we made superhero badges to practice our scissors skills and consolidate our shape vocabulary.       (More)
There was some great conversations and writing around our playdough table.             (More)
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