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lcrawley wrote: My Family Week
Reception children enjoyed celebrating 'My family week' this week. Our parents came into school this morning to share breakfast with us. We had yummy pancakes and fruit. We made family trees and family poems to share with our family to let the (More)
pwilson wrote: Celebrating Science
Today, we finished off our materials science topic by inviting parents in to help their children transform recycled jars and old wrapping paper into brand new pencil pots for them to keep and take home. Thanks to all the parents who came, the childre (More)
lcrawley wrote: Year 1 Bridges
Today we finished our bridges. We put our trolls underneath them. We invited our grown ups in after school to showcase our learning. They were very proud of us and took lots of photographs! (More)
The children took part in a workshop on Friday with an author; Laura Ellen Anderson. Laura read some of her new Amelia Fang book, answered questions from the children, showed them how to draw pet pumpkins and how to write a revolting recipe. She also (More)
rdean wrote: Stay and Play
We enjoyed a lovely stay and Play with our parents. We learnt all about the charactertics of Effective Learning and completing challenges.    (More)
snelson wrote: Stay and Play 
We had a lovely stay and play this morning. The parents heard about how we use the dinosaurs to help children talk about their learning. The children and parents completed challenges. (More)
On Friday, lots of parents came for a short talk about the importance of maths to children's lives.  After the talk, parents went into classes to take part in a maths lesson with their children.  It was a great event, and we would like to thank a (More)
slawley wrote: Research Project
On Wednesday, Mr Lawley went with a maths tutor from Liverpool Hope University to talk to the North West Maths Hub 1 group about research that they had done on children's learning in maths.  It is great that St Silas takes such a leading role (More)
rdean wrote: Stay and Play
Thanks to all our parents who attended our superhero Stay and Play. We had lots of fun creating our superhero masks.     (More)
rdean wrote: Stay and Read
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