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Some children used the deconstructed role play area this afternoon to make the kitchen from The Gingerbread Man. (More)
snelson wrote: Measure 
We have started looking at measuring length and height this morning. Some holders estimated how many cubes they would need to measure the length and height of different pictures. We talked about having a sensible guess. Some children changed their mi (More)
snelson wrote: Doubling 
This morning the reception children began doubling. I asked the children first if they knew what it was. After some talk Prince Tyrese said, "It's like when you do 4+4 which is 8." I wrote 1+1 on the board and asked the children to show me this on (More)
From this, the children had a go at writing some questions. (More)
snelson wrote: Labelling 
Today, the children labelled different pictures and some tried to write a simple sentence. The children are going to make their own boats once we have collected enough tubs. (More)
snelson wrote: Adding 
Some children worked with Miss King to practise adding two sets together to find a total. Some children were able to record a number sentence too.                    (More)
The children voted for their favourite colour and collected the data. The next day, they made bar graphs in small groups and observed what they could see.               (More)
snelson wrote: Number formation 
Look at these children choosing to practise writing their numbers.             (More)
     One girl asked if Blue Penguin liked songs. One boy asked why he was lonely. One boy asked "why the white whale speak to you ?" Abdullah asked,  "How did the white whale save you?"     One girl asked wher (More)
snelson wrote: Blue Penguin art
These children have combined different materials to produce an art piece based on an illustration from The Blue Penguin book.  EAD: Exploring and using media and materials 40-60 Constructs with a purpose in mind, using a variety of resources. (More)
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