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lharriman wrote: Maths with Mr Dickinson
During our Maths lesson with Mr Dickinson, we started to look at fractions. We used the bar model to help us. We then moved on to look at halving and doubling and counting in multiples of 2s, 3s and 5s (More)
lharriman wrote: Column Addition
In Maths, we have been looking at adding two digit numbers using the column method. We started off using Base 10 and then moved on to place value counters. (More)
lcrawley wrote: Marvellous Maths
These children used the greater than, less than and equals signs to compare numbers. (More)
lcrawley wrote: Reception Maths
We have started to look at addition in Maths. We started off by counting how many altogether. We used a part, part, whole model to help us. Miss Crawley introduced us to her friends - Mr Add and Mr Equals. We can use our arms to show each sign (More)
pwilson wrote: Column Addition
We have started learning about column addition this week by using concrete resources to find the answer to addition problems. (More)
lharriman wrote: Maths at home
Well done to these boys for working hard on Sumdog at home. Keep up the good work! Lets see if anybody else can join in tomorrow. (More)
We tried to solve a fractions jigsaw puzzle involving equivalent fractions. It was hard, but we soldiered on!   (More)
pwilson wrote: Maths Problem Solving
In our maths Inspire lesson yesterday, the children had to solve this problem. They used what they have been learning about measurement over the last few weeks to solve the problem in pairs. They also worked on this problem and (More)
Mr Morris wrote: Maths Homework (10.11.17)
Here are a couple of activities that will help you to practise rounding. Try to do as much as you can, but remember to stop when you get really stuck! [pdf-embedder url="http://y5homework2018.stsilasblog.net/wp-content/uploads/sites/163/2017/11 (More)
bburton wrote: Reception - Maths
The focus of the lesson study was cohesion. The Nursery teacher observed fifteen minutes of a Reception maths lesson. In the lesson the teacher modelled to the children how to subitise when adding together two sets of objects. The children began b (More)
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