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Last week's workshop focused on behaviour. We talked about positive strategies to use. It is important to have routines at home and these can be supported by visuals. Visual packs and reward charts were given to parents to use. We also discussed the (More)
lharriman wrote: Autism Adventures
We have recently run a four week programme for parents. The sessions were run by Autism Adventures. During the sessions, parents developed a greater understanding of autism, developed strategies to support children with autism,  made resources to su (More)
lharriman wrote: Parent Workshops
Over the last couple of months, we have put on a number of parent workshops. They have included: SEND, Behaviour support, Phonics Training, Autism Awareness, Reading support and Maths support. We have provided information, shared practical activities (More)
lharriman wrote: JOIN Review
The JOIN team met last week to discuss and review our School Development Plan. We evaluated our plan so far and put next steps into place.  (More)
lharriman wrote: Mindfulness
During our Mindfulness session today, we enjoyed some Yoga. It helped us to think about our breathing. (More)
lharriman wrote: Yoga
Year 3 enjoyed taking part in some frozen yoga during our mindfulness sessions. (More)
lharriman wrote: Pirate Day
The children had a fantastic trip today. They travelled to New Brighton on the ferry and then spent the afternoon as pirates! The children had lots of fun and their behaviour was excellent. (More)
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