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snelson wrote: 12th June 2017
Spellings Group 1  look come are will into back from him Group 3 shouted other through door sea these began animals that’s baby   Odd and Even numbers  Which number comes n (More)
Use these websites to practise your mental maths and times tables:   http://www.sumdog.com http://www.ttrockstars.com   Aim to practise for 10 minutes every day.   NOTE: I've changed all your Sumdog log in informat (More)
Have a go at these challenges over half term. They all link to the work that we've been doing on fractions, decimals and percentages. Have fun! (More)
  Here are the activities from Friday's maths lesson. Have a go at them over the weekend.   Click here to play 'Missing Multipliers'   Here's the 'Mystery Matrix' activity: (More)
Try to create word families using the words on this week's spelling list. Think about root words and suffixes. Learn the words using the LOOK, SAY, COVER, WRITE, CHECK strategy. (More)
snelson wrote: 28th March 2017
Big Talk  Spellings  Group 1: they, she, his, with, all Group 2: there, like, some, then, were, little Group 3: where, would, school, who, didn't, know, bear, can't, again, wanted   Maths   Miss Nelson says there ar (More)
shumphreys wrote: Fractions
This week, we will be learning about fractions. We will be finding halves and quarters of objects and amounts. Can you find halves and quarters of objects in your home?   (More)
Here's some English homework. You can post your answers as a comment below, or write them in your homework book. Please complete your homework by Wednesday 22nd March. (More)
Here's some maths homework for Mr Morris's group: And here's some for Mr Lawley and Ms Siddiqui's group: You can either reply as a comment with your answers, or print out the sheet and stick it in your homework book. Please compl (More)
After a brilliant week last week, here's a new list of spellings! Remember to use the LOOK, SAY, COVER, WRITE, CHECK strategy. (More)
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