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Mr Morris wrote: Election Podcast
In our News and Views after-school club, we've created a podcast about this week's general election. Click here to have a listen: (More)
Use these websites to practise your mental maths and times tables:   http://www.sumdog.com http://www.ttrockstars.com   Aim to practise for 10 minutes every day.   NOTE: I've changed all your Sumdog log in informat (More)
On Thursday the children had the opportunity to practise their coding skills in different ways. The children were able to work independently using an app on their iPads. The children also worked together to make their caterpillar move in different (More)
shumphreys wrote: 3.5.17-4.5.17
This week, we have had a lot of fun in our afternoon sessions. On Wednesday, we all enjoyed rotating around different phonics activities. We were able to group words that were real and nonsense, spot trigraphs and identify different graphemes t (More)
On Friday, we had a special 'Maths Day' in school. We started off by talking about why maths is so important and how we use it every day (sometimes, without even realising). Here are some of our ideas:   We then had a go at a couple of (More)
Julian worked with us this morning. He showed us some great apps which we can use to practise our maths skills. Here are some pictures of us using Quick Maths to practise our times tables: We then moved on to an app called Fractions. W (More)
shumphreys wrote: Maths: Place Value
This week we have been focusing on counting, reading and writing numbers to 40. Today, we used the plickers game to assess what we had learnt and to discuss how and why.   Some of the questions included; Do all numbers have tens? Do (More)
Miss Seaward wrote: Toontastic
Last week, we had a wonderful English lesson using Toontastic (an app) to record the play scripts that we had written. Have a look at some of our work below: (More)
In this afternoon's session with Julian, we looked at story structures and created our own story on the Toontastic app. We had to choose our scene, characters and what they were going to do. After doing a beginning, middle and end scene, our creation (More)
shumphreys wrote: I-pad Maths
Today, we used i-pads to consolidate what we have been learning about time and sequencing events. We all had a lot of fun working in teams to use kahoot. We can't wait to use i-pads during maths again!     These boy (More)
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