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This little girl used different shapes to make a house during our linked provision. (More)
bburton wrote: Friday awards!
These children received their characteristics of effective learning awards this this week. Well done! (More)
bburton wrote: Enjoying our bikes!
Today Nursery enjoyed using the new bikes we have in our setting for the first time! (More)
bburton wrote: Making music
Our Nursery children have been enjoying music today. They had a go at playing a new instrument called and agogo bell.   Then the children had a go at playing the samba drums. (More)
bburton wrote: Nursery writing grips
In Nursery we have been looking at the writing grips we use, so that we can think about how we can hold our pencils better. (More)
This little girl made some cakes with play dough at the play dough table, and was able to both tell me how many she had made and show me with her fingers. (More)
bburton wrote: Making music!
These Nursery children have been enjoying making some music in our sensory area!. When Mr. Burton started to sing some Nursery rhymes the children promptly joined in, using the musical instruments in the basket to play along.   (More)
bburton wrote: Water play!
These children enjoyed using the fishing nets to catch the fish in the water area. (More)
These two Nursery children have been working with the tools and improving their fine motor skills. (More)
Our new Nursery children enjoyed their first day at school! Experimenting with the play dough! Putting the pieces in an inset puzzle. Drawing a dinosaur with chalk! Experimenting making marks at the writing table. &nb (More)
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