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bburton wrote: Enjoying our bikes!
Today Nursery enjoyed using the new bikes we have in our setting for the first time! (More)
Today some of our Nursery children have been practising their counting skills in different areas in our classroom. Counting the number of spadefuls of sand are going into a pan...   ...counting the stones found in the water area (More)
bburton wrote: Making music
Our Nursery children have been enjoying music today. They had a go at playing a new instrument called and agogo bell.   Then the children had a go at playing the samba drums. (More)
bburton wrote: Knowing my colours!
This little boy enjoyed playing with our new vehicles in the small world area, and was able to tell me what colour they were: blue, red, green and yellow!   (More)
These two little boys used our key person time choose board to choose where they wanted to do their learning in the classroom. (More)
Our new Nursery children enjoyed their first day at school! Experimenting with the play dough! Putting the pieces in an inset puzzle. Drawing a dinosaur with chalk! Experimenting making marks at the writing table. &nb (More)
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