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bburton wrote: Counting fish!
This little girl used the fishing net to catch some fish and then was able to count how many she had caught. She counted up to 11! (More)
Today some of our Nursery children have been practising their counting skills in different areas in our classroom. Counting the number of spadefuls of sand are going into a pan...   ...counting the stones found in the water area (More)
bburton wrote: Making music
Our Nursery children have been enjoying music today. They had a go at playing a new instrument called and agogo bell.   Then the children had a go at playing the samba drums. (More)
bburton wrote: The Enormous Crocodile
Our Nursery children have been joining in with the rest of the school in celebrating Roald Dahl day. We have been taking part in activities inspired by the book The Enormous Crocodile.   (More)
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