Science at St Silas Primary School


Our vision for Science in St Silas is to deliver a curriculum, which inspires the children’s curiosity and enjoyment, as well as developing their skills and understanding of science through the individual science disciplines of Biology, Physics and Chemistry.


Strategies to teach Science at St Silas Primary School


At St Silas we provide opportunities for children to develop their knowledge and understanding of science through ‘hands on’ practical experimentation and investigation to develop their scientific knowledge and theoretical understanding.


Children are taught science discretely and weekly in half-termly blocks throughout the year in a cross-curricular manner, using a creative approach through other subjects.

egs. English, Mathematics, ICT, Art, Dance, D&T, Geography, etc, where it is appropriate to do so.


Each topic has an enquiry-based approach – a ‘prime learning challenge’, with smaller subsidiary challenges.


Children are set clear, achievable, challenging goals and are given the opportunities to work scientifically, as well as develop and apply their knowledge, skills and understanding.


The Key Principles of Science Teaching at St Silas Primary School


Key Principles of Science Teaching at St Silas
Children and adults are all engaged in the topic and clearly perceive science as ‘fun’.
Children are challenged through open-ended questioning to develop their scientific thinking and understanding
Children have opportunities to reflect on their science learning and use mistakes as another opportunity
Adults model activities and scientific thinking processes for the children
Adults have the knowledge and understanding to deliver science effectively
Children are motivated and engaged in science through practical ‘hands on’ activities
Learning is placed in context and strong cross-curricular links are made to aid deeper understanding
Children understand and use technical vocabulary when writing and talking about their science learning
Children bring prior knowledge to a topic
Children are encouraged to ask questions and make choices in scientific enquiries
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