Religious Education

RE in St. Silas Primary School

In St. Silas, we use Values for Life as a structure for our Assemblies and to enhance the delivery of RE across all key stages. Each half – term, we focus on a different value and look at how we can demonstrate this in our lives to each other.

We have a poem based on the particular value and the children are all encouraged to enter a poetry competition at the end of term with trophies being awarded to a child from both Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.


As a school, we follow a syllabus based on a blend of the Local Authority and the Diocesan syllabus giving a good coverage of both the Christian faith and other main religions. Children are helped to understand the main beliefs of other religions and how we as a community can live alongside each other with mutual respect and tolerance for all people.


Here is a link to our RE blog:


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