PSHCEe stands for Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship and Economic education.

At St Silas we have developed a scheme of work which sits alongside the 2014 National Curriculum but also reflects the rapidly changing world in which we live in. This new scheme of work was approved by our Governing Body in November 2016.

PSHCE education prepares pupils for both their futures and their present day-to-day lives. It is essential that pupils have the opportunity to recognise and reflect on how learning is relevant to them and can be applied in their own lives. PSHCE education has a rich body of knowledge taught through topics. Learners need to ‘know about…’, ‘know how to…’ and also ‘be able to…’

Our Programme of Study covers three main themes:

  • Living in the Wider World
  • Relationships
  • Health and Wellbeing

Each half term every class is taught at least two discrete PSHCEe lessons. In addition there are weekly assemblies for each phase of school which have a PSHCEe focus.

The aim of this scheme of work is to prepare our children for all of the challenges and experiences they will face in their future lives.

We invite parents to read through the scheme of work and to contact Mrs Donaldson if they have any questions or queries regarding the content of any lessons. Parents have the right to remove their children from specific lessons if they wish to.


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