Physical Education at St Silas Primary School

St Silas strives to offer a high quality physical education curriculum. A subject that inspires all pupils to engage, succeed and excel in competitive sport and physically demanding exercise. 

The Curriculum  

PE lessons at St Silas are dynamic, challenging and fun. All children are actively involved and pushed to their own individual limits in order to achieve and excel. Lessons are led by our specialist Sport Coach, Mr Roberts, who works directly for the school with a passionate focus on children’s health, fitness and well being. Dance is led by our specialist dance teacher, Mrs Delaney, whose depth of experience and broad range of dance styles provides numerous opportunity for our children. 

The curriculum is developed around solidifying the foundations of movement and components of skill and fitness. In order to excel and develop to an elite level, it is vital that the foundations are perfected. Lessons allow for all children to build and develop upon these essential foundations and plenty of competitive opportunities are provided to practise and demonstrate such. Every lesson is physically demanding, ensuring all children leave lessons tired, breathless and accomplished. One lesson per week, children as set a fitness challenge to complete as a cohort, instilling a positive outlook on fitness and health. All lessons provide the opportunity for children to discuss and understand the physical effects exercise has on the body, developing a good theoretical understanding of physical education. They are offered the appropriate support to guarantee excellent progress is made each lesson. 

Pupils at St Silas are provided with opportunities to participate and compete in a range of sport and exercise activities such as; football, rugby, basketball, dodgeball, handball, ultimate frisbee, Kurling, Boccia, tri golf, tennis, hockey, cricket, rounders, gymnastics, athletics, fitness and dance. Increasing opportunities are made available to children with the use of intra and inter school competitions, specialist coaches and sport festivals regularly occurring. 

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