E- safety

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  • Only use your first name. Do not give your surname.

  • Relatives who comment please also only use first names. E.g. Ali’s mum

  • Stay safe and do not share any personal information.

  • Do not post pictures of yourself.

  • No text talk. Read and check your comments.

  • Be polite. Do not write anything that could hurt anyone.

  • Always show respect when writing comments.


If you have any concerns about the safety of the blog or internet safety please feel free to speak to Mrs Donaldson, Mr Booth or Miss Nelson.


If you have a serious incident to report you can report it to the CEOP (Child Exploitation and Protection website) via the link below.


Have a look at the St Silas e-safety rules and how to stay safe on-line



For more information on E-safety please look at these sites:





Kidsmart e-safety



CBBC Stay Safe


hectrors world logo

Hector’s World for EYFS and KS1

UK Safer Internet Centre


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